Don’t Settle.

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Hey Y’all Hey!

So how is the New Year treating everyone so far?! I hope FABULOUS!

So....let’s get right into this.

A week ago I wrote about “Not Settling” on Facebook. My actual post stated “Don’t Settle”.

To my surprise the quick feedback about “Not Settling” was a “Wow Moment”. I got a text stating “Ma’am this needs to be a blog post” and My response okie dokey.

What I felt was a pretty clear and cut post addressing my journey of Settling. Is just simply My truth.

But for whatever my reasons I chose to Settle it did come with some collateral damage to my My Self Esteem, My Confidence, My Self Love & My Relationships and other areas. Which in return is now part of my healing journey.

If you can recall in my New Year Day post I mentioned my Seven years of focusing on self via counseling. Well let’s just put a name to it...People Pleasing (PP)..Yes People Pleasing was a huge part of ME SETTLING. I can admit that I am a Recovering People Pleaser. Yup, I am. This I can attribute to a lot of reasons why Settling became part of my life.

When I started counseling I was having to learn (tools) on how to undo and get to the root of why I Settled. Just to have an eye opener that it had become a habit in my life. Especially with people. I wish I could tell y’all that I found the full answer (root) for myself. Honestly I can not. At least for now and frankly I am COOL WITH IT! BOOM!

One thing I do know is that People Pleasing for Me came with No Boundaries. So now Settling began to manifest it self as bitterness, anger and resentment towards some of the closest people to me. I was drowning. I’d compromised My Peace. My Joy. My Happiness.

What I do know is that it took me awhile to come to a full understanding that I WAS ENOUGH (AND SO ARE YALL!!!) and if I didn’t get a handle on My Settling. I’d spend many more days, months and years in emotional and mental turmoil. I deserved better. So the years of Settling just had to stop. I was tired. So I chose me! It had taken sometime for me to get here. But I CHOSE ME!!

So, may I ask that starting right now. You extend Grace to Oneself. Firmly believe that you deserve better and that you should be treated well. And you do!

For Whatever reasons you Settled before.



Talk to y’all soon!

~C- 😘

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