Hey Y’all Hey!! Happy New Year!

Oh yeah and WELCOME WELCOME to My first Blog of 2020!! I’m super excited to spend time with y’all!! I really am!

OK, Let’s get right to it. What can you expect in my blog posts for this New Decade? Honesty and transparency sprinkled with a lot of laughter.

Past 7 years I’ve put the work into my healing, my mental wellness and my over all well being. I find now Purpose has superseded my Passion. My focus is helping Women/Young Ladies take their journey to wholeness and wellness.

Mental Wellness, self care and healing is our responsibility and we have to make ourselves priority. No longer neglecting the things of US.....OK!

I wrapped up the last day of 12-31-2019 up with my therapist. How fitting for me. This is my on going Mental Health Self care. 2020 will not mirror 2019 in certain area. But, 2020 will be a year of my continued healing, boundaries, self care and guess what?!

I am My Own Priority!

Ladies, remember this New Year it’s great to focus on Careers, Entrepreneurship, Endeavors, Family and Finances etc...Just don't forget ALL THINGS OF YOU!

Talk to y’all soon 😘


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