Why is Mental Health Awareness & Self Care so important to me?

Oh how I wish it was just as important to some others.

But we’re talking about me right? Right..

Several years ago I would’ve never envisioned my life advocating for Mental Health Awareness. I could have easily seen my life as a Fashion Stylist, Personal Shopper or even a Food Critic.

Just a smidgen different than I planned. Yet, hear me out. I am not disappointed nor dismayed about My non linear wonderful life I’ve been blessed to live!

Mental Health Awareness advocating is a privilege. Forever grateful. I get opportunities to share my story of how I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety. In hopes that it helps others seek help and to understand they’re not alone. I share how losing my Father was a devastating loss to myself and family. Yet, also a blessing in disguise for me to start my journey of healing via Jesus+Therapy! road dogs right there Ya’ll (Jesus+Therapy) Lol!

I am honored to host a Bi-monthly meet up group for women (Coffee Chat & Chill). I sit before a courageous group of women and we discuss the importance of Self Care and Mental Health. I encourage them to see the importance of receiving help for themselves (if needed). I personally believe we all can benefit from going to a Licensed Therapist.

Honestly, I have encountered what I’ve seen to be a horrible Myth in our society..and that Myth have to be in a Crisis or have (quote unquote) issues to go visit a Therapist. Not true. So not true. We all can benefit from having someone to talk and express ourselves to and create proactive plans for our lives. No one is immune from Mental Health situations and I mean No one. Statistics say 1 in 5 persons will have some type Mental Health Situation. Think about it. In our communities, work, organizations, churches and business and to bring these statistics even closer it can be in OUR OWN HOMES!

As we embark into May. Mental Health Awareness Month, I get excited because this is the designated Month that brings more Awareness to Mental Health!

My sincerest prayers for our homes and communities would be that we start to create a safe and healthy dialect about Mental Health Awareness. Let’s begin to chip away at the stigma of MH.

Let’s paint the Month of May in Green (MH color) and bring about as much Mental Health Awareness as We Can!




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